Expats thumb up for Dongguan's anti-epidemic efforts
Expats are impressed by the speed and way the Dongguan people and government dealing with this unforeseen situation.
Green corridors in Dongguan wows Colombian blogger
As an expat from Colombia, the second largest exporter of flowers, Fernando feels at home in DG, a city decorated with flowers, trees and shrubs all the year.
Lovely people make Dongguan more livable
Indian teacher Sachin Kumar Tyagi has been in Dongguan for eight years. For him, the most important attraction is the people.
Brazilian senior director rides to view Dongguan
"Exercise will make us healthier and happier. Let us exercise together and go out to experience the beauty of this city."
Foreign scientists appreciate doing scientific research in Dongguan
"For me, there's not very much difference between working in Dongguan and other places. I find myself very comfortable doing science here." a scientist said.
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