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The future of Dongguan in paintings by European teenagers
2021-06-10 11:19     Source : Dongguan Today

What will the world look like in 2050? Will the earth still be okay after suffering from global warming? From April 22 (World Earth Day) to May 22 (The International Day for Biological Diversity), Dongguan launched the "Shaping Tomorrow's Dongguan—City of Environmental Innovation" international painting competition in Europe. It is aimed at the generation Z in Europe who have been at the forefront of environmental protection to paint the future of 2050, placing green hope on Dongguan, China.

Dongguan's insistence on sustainable development will promote its economic and industrial development actively. Béatrice de Foucauld, the spokesperson for the European executive of the competition, said that Dongguan hopes to show its efforts to change and protect the earth through holding this event.

Besides European teenagers, the jury of this competition also joined the beautiful imagination of Dongguan. Nine judges, including former prime minister of France Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Francesco and Piper, formerly of UNESCO, and Mr Rohan from the Economic Promotion Agency of Wuppertal, Germany, all spoke highly of Dongguan's commitment to advocating the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development for young people on a global scale and undertaking international social responsibility.

The release of the "This is Dongguan" series of promotional videos, Dongguan's environmental protection, economic and technological development path,brings new inspiration for ecological protection and green development to European youth. In the end, three students from Italy, France, and Germany became the winners. In the works of Lorenzo Bellamoli, an award-winning Italian student, a father, mother, and child stand under the green winding vines, which gives Dongguan in 2050 a green, harmonious and poetic beauty.

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