Dongguan temporarily closes bars, KTVs, mahjong rooms
2021-08-09 14:47     Source : Dongguan Today

Dongguan COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Office issued a notification (No. 42), effective from August 7, temporarily closing bars, music and dance venues (including KTVs), internet cafes, chess, card and mahjong rooms, mini booths for singing and reading, escape rooms and bathing (SPA) until August 16 to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The notification pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic is severe and complex as locally transmitted cases have been reported in domestic cities. To solidify the hard-won achievements in epidemic prevention and to safeguard people's health, epidemic prevention protocols must be carried out strictly in Dongguan. 

All towns, districts and related units are required to strengthen supervision and inspection of enclosed and poorly ventilated public places to ensure that all the venues mentioned above suspend their service until August 16.

According to the notification, the number of visitors to tourist attractions, theatres, cinemas, libraries, museums, and art galleries should be limited. Meanwhile, it requires that following the principle of "no gatherings unless essential", the holding of mass gathering activities should be strictly controlled. The number and scale of activities should be reduced.

The measures mentioned above have been implemented from August 7 and will be adjusted according to the epidemic prevention and control situation.

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