The embroiderer of dream wedding dresses
A red gown with a dragon and phoenix pattern is a must-have dress for many Guangdong brides when they get married.
Let there be more light, man pleads for his street cleaner mom
Urban officials in Dalang Town of Dongguan have decided to extend street lighting times after a plea from a man on behalf of his sanitation worker mother.
Dongguan's circle of international friends④
DG has received friend requests from 4 cities. DG's circle of international friends is expected to be expanded
Marvellous Dongguan Olympians come home!
Their excellent performance at the Olympic Games illustrated the Olympic spirit and impressed the whole world.
Dongguan City nominated for happiest in China
A survey and selection campaign named "2021- China's Happiest Cities" was launched, with Dongguan City making it to the selection list.
Bulgarian director calls herself the proudest Dongguaner
For her, Dongguan is a special place.
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