Yang Liping's
It blends elements of martial arts, contemporary and Chinese folk dance, gymnastics and more, to interpret an encounter that changed the course ...
Exhibition of Treasures in Memory of Premier Zhou Enlai in Shilong Town
The precious photo Zhou Enlai Lost in Deep ThoughtOn July 1, with the theme of "He is the cynosure of all eyes", the Exhibition of Treasures in Memory of Premie
In pics: Development of Nancheng over decades
It reviews the development process of Nancheng with precious images.
Exhibition of stamps featuring revolutionary sites
Exhibition time: June 18 to August 18, 2021Venue: Guancheng Library (closed on Mondays)The revolutionary sites include the former areas of important party organ
The red marks——Picture exhibition of revolutionary sites in Dongguan
A hundred representative revolutionary sites are selected to display in Deng Erya & Huang Banruo Literature Exhibition Hall in Dongguan People’s Park.
Classic ballet Red Detachment of Women
It is the first and most successful full-length Chinese ballet, with both the theme and content reflecting a unique Chinese style.
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